2009 Locus Awards Finalists

The gang at Locus HQ in Oakland have posted the finalists for the 2009 Locus Awards. All sorts of friends and colleagues are shortlisted, and my sincere congratulations to all of them. I also note that Ted Chiang’s story from Eclipse Two, ‘Exhalation’ is in the Best Short Story category,  The Starry Rift and Eclipse Two are on the final ‘Anthology’ list, and I’ve made the ‘Best Editor’ list. My congratulations to Ted, whose story just won the BSFA Award and is on the Hugo Ballot this year. I’d sincerely like to thank EVERYONE who nominated ffor the Locus Awards this year, and everyone who thought work I was associated with deserved to be shortlisted. I’d also like to acknowledge that without the extraordinary work from all of the writers involved and without the incredible hard work and diligence from Sharyn November at Viking and Jason Williams (and crew) at Night Shade it would not be happening. So, my sincerest thanks to them!  It was a big year. Now I guess I better get on with finishing Eclipse Three and Starry Rift follow-up, Life on Mars.

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