Live, from Adelaide Airport!

This won’t update you all that much, but…I’m sitting in the Adelaide Airport, chilling out listening to the Blue Nile and looking back over the Australian National Convention.

I think some of us thought it was going to be a bit of a train wreck, but like the most fortunate of small conventions organised a bit late in the day, it turned into a lovely, relaxing social event.

I flew the dreaded Jetstar over, and it was fine. I’d packed my own snacks, I had an empty seat beside me, and everything seemed painless. Arrived in Adelaide, then to the hotel. Started meeting people right away, and after a brief foray up the Mall, was back to socialise in the bar.

Friday was easily the best night of the trip for me. Sean and Amanda picked me, and we dropped over there for a wine and conversation. A lovely and important conversation for me. Then off to dinner with Ron, Lisa, Angela, Sean, and Karen for a great time. Food was spectacular, and the company was great. Then back to the hotel in time for late drinks with Russell and Alisa. Three wasn’t late.

And it pretty much followed that pattern. Had a simply wonderful lunch with Ron and Alisa at Jerusalem (a Lebanese dive that had been there for 36 yrs, we were informed, but had divine food), a good dinner with the piratical Mr Flinthart and A, and more bar and late conversation.  Sunday was dodgy hotel breakfasts (did I mention we were located in the seediest street in South Australia?) then talking and drinking and lunching and the Ditmars.  A great dinner with Stephanie and the gang from Harper, and more wonderful conversation, this time from the really nice and very interesting Karen Miller.  The Ditmars were really well run and I was delighted with Jack Dann’s win in the Best Collected Work category (amongst some other good results – congrats to the winners!).  Had an early night.  Today was the wind down. Breakfast with A and Dirk, lunch wandering around, and now the airport.

Was it good? Yes!  Was it fun? Yes!  I had some throat thing, so people were saved having to listen to me too much. Also terrible tinnitus on Saturday.  Recovering now, in time to head back to work.  Was heartened by a good PW review for New Space Opera 2, to offset the apparently-not-good review over at IO9.  Look forward to hearing over time what readers think of it.

For now, though, it’s all about getting home and back to my girls!