Rest of the day…

Today was all about the tail end of the sinus infection that has laid me low, on and off, since Thursday.  I’m pretty much better and will definitely be back at work tomorrow (which is Jessica’s 9th birthday!!). I spent the day talking, writing a little, and reading some story submissions.  I need to ramp up everything soon (not today) so that I can start hitting deadlines before they start hitting back.  Eclipse Three and Conquering Swords are both looking in good shape, though a few stories are still to come in for both of them.  I’ve also been working on the special issue of Subterranean, which is also looking good, though I’m waiting on one or two pieces for it.  Other than that, I spent a lot of today thinking about and talking about Jessica.  Nine.  Wow.  She’s growing up and is wonderful, though a constant worry for a parent.  We have some enormous decisions to make about her schooling and so on, to make sure she grows to the best version of herself that she can be.  I think sometimes we tend to be overprotective and oversupportive, so the time is coming to pull back a little, which will be hard but must happen. The challenges of parenthood never end.

Wednesday Morning, 9AM

How did it get to be Wednesday morning? When we left off, I was sitting in a cafe at Adelaide International Airport listening to Beth Orton’s Central Reservation, drinking pretty rotten coffee, and waiting for QF545 to take me home again.  The flight was uneventful, if not overly pleasant.  The empty seat I’d angled for disappeared, as they do, and I found myself limited to the space I’d actually paid for, which was adequate but not wonderful.

I arrived home safe, to warm and wonderful welcomes, but dragging the darn sinus infection I had in Adelaide home with me.  I sniffled, coughed, popped my ears all the time, and eventually stumbled off to bed.  Tuesday I didn’t get out the front door of the house. I’d thought I might catch up on some low level work, but other than VPNing to the day job and making sure some things didn’t fall to bits (they wouldn’t have, but I feel responsible), I didn’t get anything done.  I meant to read, but didn’t. Meant to work on contracts and line edits, but didn’t. I did buy a couple more stories, but that  was just sending two simple emails to say ‘Yay’ to Pat and Gord.  Gossiped a little with GJ and Bill, and then a walk with Sophie, and that was it.

And here we are, looking at today.  The girls are at school, Marianne will be in and out doing shopping and getting ready for Jessica’s 9th birthday, and I’m slowly feeling better.  I’ll definitely be back in the office today, so I’m going to try to get one or two things done, but we shall see.

Given my lapses with the blog (and we won’t mention those short story reviews, shall we?), I wouldn’t be surprised if no-one’s reading this at all, but I don’t have that much else to report that isn’t business-like.  I should call Oakland (I’ve been missing talking to CHARLES), and some other stuff.  More, I suspect, later in the morning…