What an odd weekend. We went iceskating this afternoon. It wasn’t entirely successful, and it wasn’t completely a failure. Fourteen girls, aged six to nine, showed up at 1pm, went to a icehockey change room temporarily designated as a party room, and gave it a go.  There were some very happy girls, some wet girls, and one or two bruised ones.  Jessica seemed to enjoy herself, which is the main thing.  There’s now chaos in the family room – presents opened and everywhere – and I’m trying not to think about how to get two tired girls who are fixated on a Bratz DVD to turn the room back into a space I can bear to look at.  Still, Jessica is nine, and that’s good

I also had a really good conversation with Sophie last night. She has issues with some of her friends, and wanted to discuss it calmly and clearly, because it was troubling her. She’s a caring, sensitive kid and I couldn’t be prouder of her. I, on the other hand, am wiped. More soon, world. You’re all still there, right?

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