Night Shade sale…

I’ve been very tardy mentioning this, but the gang at Night Shade are having a sale. All of the details are here. Basically, if you order by this Sunday you can get 50% every time you order 4 or more books. This includes all of their ‘in print’ titles (like Eclipse One, Eclipse Two, and the Year’s Bests), and all of their announced upcoming titles (including Eclipse Three, Wings of Fire, and The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year:  Vol. 4).  For all sorts of good reasons, I’m reluctant to play favorites with small presses, but I have a lot of respect and affection for The Shade. If any of their books appeal to you – and how could they not? – now’s a great time to get your order in.

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  1. Mate, I chose 4 books (incuding both Eclipse books) but the shipping to Oz is $54 US. Not the fault of Nightshade, but considering it was going to cost $40 for the 4 books I chose, it just didn’t add up.

  2. That’s OK. I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to source both Eclipse books via other Ackroyd related means :)

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