Cafe working

Well, the girls are at grandma’s and Marianne’s off at BC, so I’m down in Mt Lawley at a cafe trying to work. Of course, this never works. The area is drenched in distractions, and the power on the laptop is unreliable. I’m hoping it’ll hold out for another half hour, but we’ll see. I have worked productively in cafes, but not often, so we’ll see.

Notes from Sunday… (mirrored post)

Rain finally came to Perth this weekend, and it brought wind, hail and (relative) cold along with it.  That affected some plans. Being soft and weak, [info]girliejones and I cancelled our plans for a long walk and instead (sensibly) drove to a nearby cafe for a chat and general catch up.  We discussed life, conventions, science fiction, and the finer points of flop.  I then headed home, where I gathered up the family and headed out for a shopping expedition.  It went well enough, with Jessica spending some birthday money and collecting her new spectacles, while they all checked out some bling. I then dropped them home, headed over to the mecca that is JB HiFi to do some completely unnecessary shopping, and then home via the local.

We had intended to have a few friends over on Saturday, but that didn’t quite eventuate. One was sick, one wanted to stay home, and the rest of us quietly rescheduled. This meant Family Movie Night (which had transformed into Family Movie Matinee) with Beverly Hills Chihuahua went ahead early.  The rain swept in, the skys darkened and so we did what made sense. Turned on the heaters, closed the curtains, dialled out for pizza, and hunkered down. All should have been good and quiet and nice, but girl trouble followed the movie, and it took awhile for girls to get to bed.

Sadly, they significantly harshed my mellow (which with the aid of a glass of a very nice Cock + Bull Merlot was very mellow indeed), so it took some time for the evening to settle down again. Marianne and I futzed around and eventually decided to watch Flashdance, which I’d seen when I was 19 yrs old and Marianne hadn’t seen at all. I think Marianne enjoyed it, but as part of my trawl through trashy movies of the 80s it was a fail.  I was bored, and after a while started chatting online rather than rely on it for entertainment.  I then headed to bed, having been unable to decide what else to watch.

And now, Sunday. It’s almost breakfast time. The girls have football today, and then are most likely going to their grandma’s house for a bit. Marianne has Barbie Club, so I should be home working (yes, this means you can drop in unannounced, if you read this).  What will I be doing? Well, the last 48 hours has dropped a new Elric novellete by Michael Moorcock into my inbox along with intros to two collections and a bunch of other stuff. I also need to push some contracts and copyedits out the door, so that’s a possibility,  Or, if it rains, I must just play some old Simon & Garfunkel albums and read Leviathan. We’ll just have to see.

PS: And yes, I couldn’t get to the real blog this morning, so here’s this.

ETA:  The server here was dead for a while, so this was posted at the LJ back up.