Just delivered the manuscript of Walter Jon Williams’ new collection, The Green Leopard Plague and Other Stories, to the publisher Night Shade Books. It’s a peach of a book.  The best of Walter’s recent stories, which are some of the best he’s written in his career and some of the best to appear anywhere of late, alongside an introduction by Charles Stross and some terrific afterwords from Walter.  All in all, a topnotch book, and one I’m proud to have edited. Look for it early next year!

Some stuff happening…

Today I’m working on the day job at the office in West Perth, trying to get a business plan down on paper for a new project.  It’s for a new version of a project that I’ve been involved with for more than twelve years, and considerable emotional fatigue has set it on the subject. Still, ever onwards. It is, as I’m wont to say, a bear hunt.

We’re in the first week of school holidays here, which means chaos at home, a stressed wife, and kids who are just a little crazy. Every afternoon this week has been a mild form of madness, which seems to be ensuring I don’t get much done when I get home. That wouldn’t be a problem, were it not for the fact that I need to deliver Eclipse Three in three weeks (still waiting on one [!] story) and need to get it finished. I also want to get the special issue of Subterranean finished by then too, but realistically Eclipse is the only thing I have to get done. Hopefully it’ll work out (it should).  Oh, I’ve seen a rough of the cover for Eclipse Three. It’s by Richard Powers and its very ‘Sixties’, very cool. I’ll post it and the table of contents here when it’s done.

Speaking of Eclipse Three, Nnedi Okorafor has a wonderful story in the book. She also has some great news. She’s going to be writing a Disney Fairies book!  Yay! There are a million reasons this is great, but one of them is that a terrific writer whose work I admire is going to write something that my two girls will be thrilled to read.  Can’t wait for Iridessa and the Fire-Bellied Dragon Frogs!

Malcolm Gladwell (of Blink, The Tipping Point etc) reviews Chris Anderson’s Free: The Future of a Radical Price at The New Yorker. It’s an interesting review, if only because it questions the almost evangelically-expressed view that ‘information wants to be free’.

Well, back to listening to old Church and Simon & Garfunkel tracks while trying to work out critical timelines on this project. More soon!