Let me tell you how emotionally drained I have become of late, how perilously close to total burn out that I am.  I am listening to old Dr Hook songs for laughs. No. Seriously. I really think that puts it in context, yes?

The weekend is upon us and I’m diving into the finishing touches for Eclipse Three which must be finished very, very soon. That means sitting down and writing the introduction (have I told you how I dislike writing anthology introductions?) and the author notes for the book. It also means doing the line edits and formatting.  How am I going? Well, if I had to, I could hand in the book tomorrow. I’m not going to because someone who is totally worth waiting for is supposed to get me a story any second now. I’m also vacilating on some legal / copyright  stuff that I’m discussing with the publisher which, frankly, has me very worried. We’re too small to get a lawyer to check things, so we’re trying to be as careful as we can.

Other than that, I’m now less than three weeks away from a plane to Sydney.  I’m developing pre-trip tunnel vision. I know what I need to get done before I go, and I’m parsing the tasks to be sure they’re completed.  I’m also checking budgets, balancing this and that, and all in all going nuts. I’ll be cool though.

I also got a new PC this week. Big, fast and beautiful which frankly runs like a complete piece of crap.  Beautiful screen. Great TV reception.  Can’t run spellcheck in Word without dying. This is not the time I need to be messing with such things. sigh.  I’ll remember for next time.  More soon!