T minus 18 days

Dang. The whole ‘burnt out’ thing is bringing things down here a bit, yes? Meh! That’s what I say to being burnt out. I spit in its eye. We shall find the fun, and get ready for Sydney, San Francisco, Montreal and Melbourne with a glint in our eye and smile on our faces.

The weekend was mega-meh. Spent time with the most beautiful girls in the world, which was good: serious, important time where we threw a ball around the garden, sat outside in the sun and read stories, and stuff like that (see how I omit several truly impressive tantrums etc to, instead, focus on the family building stuff?).

Did I get work done? Honey, I go work done. Eclipse Three introduction – done! Not very interesting, but done! Story notes for same – done! Story note format for Conquering Swords – done! Budget review for Eclipse Three – done!  Subterranean special issue stuff – done! I’m waiting on a few details to come together, but I should be finished with Eclipse Three and have it delivered by 24 July (a week before it *has* to be in). When it’s done and sent it I’ll post the groovy Richard Powers cover and the table of contents here.

Did I get to relax? Well, not so much. Watched a little cricket, grabbed dim sum on Saturday with the family, and that was about it. Of course, for me, that’s doing pretty well these days. I intend to split next weekend between family and project completion, and the following between trip prep. and family. Get some time in before the plane.