Charles N. Brown 1937 – 2009

Yesterday I got a phone call I knew had to come one day, and yet hoped would never arrive. My friend – curmudgeonly uncle, older brother, second father, best friend – Charles Brown died in his sleep. We were ‘guys’ together. We shared a love of science fiction, music, scotch, and so much more. Like the science fiction field he loved (more than anyone else I knew), I have lost family.

5 thoughts on “Charles N. Brown 1937 – 2009”

  1. I’m still at the Readercon hotel and it’s always strange to be in a hotel once filled with fans, now filled with mundanes.

    I still expect to see Charlie zipping by on his scooter.

  2. Hey kiddo,

    So sorry to hear about Charles. I know how much he meant to you and I know what a pall this will cast over your upcoming trip to the US. Will talk to you soon, much love


  3. What a horrible, horrible, horrible shock.

    I enjoyed your post of a stern-looking mr Brown, less than two weeks ago, so much that I responded humorously to it. Now I wish I hadn’t been so flippant.

    My condolences to all who knew and loved him, and my thanks for his contribution to the field.

  4. Heather: Thank you. It’s appreciated.

    Peter: No! Don’t apologise. He would have appreciated it too. It was funny, and he loved him some funny.

  5. Jonathan, I trust his memory and his legacy will sustain you in all your future efforts. Wherever he is now, make him proud.

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