Women in music month – Shelby Lynne does Dusty

My friend girliejones is hosting a ‘Women in Music’ appreciation month.  There are a lot of artists, songs and albums I would recommend: Suzanne Vega’s debut, Rickie Lee Jones’ debut, Norah Jones’ debut, Missy Higgins’ debut, the Indigo Girls early compilation 4.5, Heart’s Dreamboat Annie, Joni Mitchell’s Blue, and either of the first two Pretenders albums, but instead I thought I might mention something that I’ve been listening to a lot these past few months. Shelby Lynne’s Just a Little Lovin‘ is a beautiful tribute to the music of the late Dusty Springfield.  A successful country and western singer herself, she takes songs from Dusty in Memphis and elsewhere and slows them down a tad, sings them a whisker lower, and delivers a slow, sensual sound the caresses careworn sensibilities.  It almost doesn’t matter what she’s singing, because it’s the sound of her voice that gently picks you up and carries you away, not the words she’s saying.  In truth some of the lyrics are best left unparsed, but the sound is for late nights and perfect Sunday mornings.