Yes, I know the way to San Jose

I can hardly believe it. Things change quickly around here.  Just yesterday morning I was posting to a private mailing list that I was disappointed to not be going to World Fantasy in San Jose this October.  Many of my friends are going, it’s my favorite convention in the world, and there would be a chance to catch up with all sorts of new people too. However, I had decided that I would go to Montreal for Worldcon and it would be my one trip to the US this year.

Well, life is rich and strange here at Coode Street. Within an hour of writing my email the possibility arose that I might make San Jose. Then it became more likely. Then Marianne agreed, which I really didn’t expect given what these trips demand of her. And, now, I’m going!  It’s going to be a lightning trip, but I’ll be in San Jose from Wed 28 October to Monday 2 November, then home. I really, really hope that I’ll see everyone (Jeff, Jeff & Ann, Lucius, Bill, Ellens, Locusfolk, everyone!) when I’m there. I can’t wait. I’m totally stoked and I’m very, very grateful to Marianne and to somebody else. Pink drinks!!!!!