Saturday and the Clouds of Steam

Today has been a bit mixed, to say the least. Marianne and I went out to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (a solidly adequate piece of entertainment that had me laughing out loud a couple times), and got to bed a bit late. That, in turn, has meant we’ve both been a bit tired today, as the young ones don’t sleep in when we do.  I had lots to do to get ready for heading o/s next week, so I was up and out early.  I finished in record time, had enough time to sneak in a sidetrip to JB and was feeling a bit smug about it, when the cooling system in the aged Camry died.  A major puff of steam clued me, and I just made it home before it was done and dusted.  sigh.  It’s been towed away, will be repaired, but no car till Tuesday probably, which leaves us mildly inconvenienced.  We have some help coming, but the afternoon plans were set aside and we ended up having a stroll in the park before heading home.  Family movie night beckons.

I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m unprepared for the trip next week. This might be because I am unprepared, but mostly seems because I like to do this kind of thing to myself.

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