Anticipation – My WorldCon Schedule

When: Thu 15:30
Location: P-516D
Title: 2009: The Year in Short Fiction
Session ID: 625
All Participants: Adrienne Martini, Ellen Datlow, Jonathan Strahan, Sheila Williams, Bill Fawcett
Moderator: Adrienne Martini
Description: Our panel of experts tell you about the must-reads of the year.

When: Fri 17:00
Location: P-516AB
Title: Handicapping the Hugos II: The Short Fiction
Session ID: 590
All Participants: Ann VanderMeer, Jonathan Strahan, Karen Burnham, Niall Harrison, Bill Fawcett
Moderator: Ann VanderMeer
Description: Our panellists survey the Hugo-nominated short stories, novelettes, and novellas: they tell us what they want to win, what will win, and why.

When: Sat 10:00
Location: P-521A
Title: Kaffee Klatch Jonathan Strahan
Session ID: 1062All Participants: Jonathan StrahanModerator:
Description: A chance to ask one of your favourite authors those burning questions.
When: Sun 14:00

When: Sun 14:00
Location: P-516AB
Title: Charles N. Brown: a Tribute
Session ID: 1693
All Participants: David Hartwell, Ellen Datlow, Jonathan Strahan, Robert Silverberg, Gary K. Wolfe, Connie Willis, Anthony Lewis, Gardner Dozois, Liza Trombi
Moderator: Gardner Dozois
Description: Charles N. Brown, the creator of the newszine Locus, the winner of the most Hugo Awards, and a tireless promoter of the science fiction field died suddenly last month at the age of 72. Join Charles’s friends in remembering him. Hawaiian shirts encouraged. Aloha, Charles.

When: Sun 17:00
Location: P-517D
Title: The New Space Opera 2
Session ID: 1702
All Participants: Bill Willingham, Cory Doctorow, James Patrick Kelly, Jay Lake, John C. Wright, Jonathan Strahan, Mike Resnick, Robert Charles Wilson, Robert Silverberg, Walter Jon Williams, Tom Clegg, John Scalzi, Peter Watts, Gardner Dozois
Description: Meet the editors and authors of both the first and second The New Space Opera anthologies. Jonathan Strahan, Gardner Dozois and Tom Clegg will attend the entire event and will be available for autographing. Other New Space Opera writers may drop by