Sunday morning, homework

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia. I’ve had a lovely morning. Sleeping in sort of happened, and I’m doing a littleImage of book covers for books by Kim Stanley Robinson reading before getting ready for lunch. We were going to see a movie, but that’s moved to next weekend.

I’m currently reading for The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson, so they’re sitting beside my chair in the front room so that I can spend time re-reading possibly contenders and going back and forth with Stan about what can and can’t go into the book. “A Short, Sharp Shock” fell by the wayside, as did “Green Mars” (sadly). But the book will be filled with great stories like “Black Air”, “The Blind Geometer”, and more. It should be awesome.  Basically, we have a list of about 185,000 words that we’re whittling down to 160,000 and then we can move into preparing the manuscript.  The book should be really terrific.

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  1. The one story of Kim Stanley Robinson that still stands out in my mind today is ” Venice Drowned “. I quite liked it when I read those many years ago.

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