Home from San Jose [edited]

I got back from San Jose last Wednesday, having had an awesome time with Cat, Deb, Garth, Sean and everyone else. It was wonderful seeing old friends, hanging out with the Locus gang, and making all kinds of new friends.

So, you ask, why haven’t you updated us on your exploits before? Well, as the photo might hint, I came home (having felt wonderful during the whole trip) and immediately fell ill. Today it was diagnosed as H1N1, so I am wearing a mask, trying not to infect the family, and basically attempting to get over it. Correspondence will be somewhat intermittent.

ETA: Since this is getting picked up around the place, I should clarify for accuracy: while my GP diagnosed it as H1N1 and is treating it as such, no clinical tests were done. It’s likely it’s H1N1, but there’s no actual clinical tests were done.