I keep putting off telling you my good news because I keep getting frustrated by things that get in the way. We had a very hectic Christmas period, with madness on Christmas Eve, Christmas Dad, and Boxing Day. I’d planned that on the Mon, Tues, and Wed of this week I’d get caught up on work, and possibly even try to socialise a little with friends (something it feels like I never get to do).

Sadly, Marianne, who’d not been feeling 100% over Christmas has fallen into some horrible flu-like illness and is pretty much completely incapacitated. What this means is that I was on deck yesterday and today, and will likely be so tomorrow. Any and all commitments are on hold, as a result. It also means that I’m in a not-good mood and feeling stressed about commitments.

And, of course, the annual joyfest that is my birthday is just days away, so that ordeal will start being visited upon me any time soon. At least I get to go back to work soon.

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