Busy, busy

It’s been suggest to me that I should do a post outlining the books I’ve done during the 2000s. I think it’s a great idea, so I’m noodling away at it. For what it’s worth, during the 2000s I edited or co-edited thirty six books, twenty four of which have been published to date. Given that the first of those came out in March 2004 and the most recent in October 2009, I’m going to count that as having been busy. I also co-edited a special issue of a magazine (due soon), and wrote for, argued about, copyedited and/or reviews-edited 120 issues of Locus. Busy indeed!

Hugo nominations are open

The Hugo Awards Committee of Aussiecon 4: The 68th World Science Fiction Convention has opened nominations for the 2009 Hugo Awards. I would strongly encourage everyone who is eligible to nominate for the Awards.  This has nothing to do with my own eligibility. The awards are more meaningful, more representative if everyone who can get involved does.  I’ll certainly be nominating, and hope you will too.

Now, a number of people have posted about their own eligibility for the Hugos.  This year I was incredibly and genuinely honored to be nominated for Best Editor – Short Form. It was the highlight of my professional year.

I am eligible in the same category this year.  I’m very proud of the work I’ve had published in 2009, and am sincerely grateful to all of the authors who made me look good during the year.  This is my 2009 in books:

New Space Opera 2Eclipse Three

I’ll post a list of the contents of both Eclipse Three and The New Space Opera 2,  both of which feature original stories by some wonderful writers who I think deserve your consideration in the Best Novella, Best Novelette, and Best Short Story categories, shortly.

I also co-edited twelve issues of Locus: The Newspaper of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Field.  As Reviews Editor, I edited the reviews section of the magazine.

Well, that’s about all the pimpage I can do.  As I said above, nominating me isn’t the important thing. Nominating is, though.  Please do so if you can.

Notes from 2010

Today is New Year’s Day. I was awoken early by Marianne, who has had a wretched case of bronchitis.  It was around 7am, not long after my NYE bedtime.  I then dove into breakfast, laundry and kid wrangling, though I did sneek a nap.  We planted the flowers, tomatoes and basil, and hopefully the patio is going to come to life a little. Empty pots or pots filled with dead plants aren’t too awesome.

After lunch Sophie and I went to see The Princess and the Frog, while Jessica went to her grandmother’s house.  The movie was sweet, though I do wonder if I missed any racial faux pas in the story, and marked a welcome return to handdrawn animation from the Mouse House.  The nicest part, though, was sitting quietly watching the film while  Sophie snuggled in close. A perfect Dad n daughter moment.