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Every now and then I’m going to post some stuff on the blog for no other reason that so I’ll remember that it happened. I find the blog has become useful for reminding me what I’ve been doing, and not been doing.

So, on this third day of January, a note to me. On the first day of January it was a busy morning. I was up and did cleaning, made breakfast etc, then had a really nice interlude with the girl planting flowers and veggies in pots on the patio. I hope to follow this up with a legitimate veggie garden, and have discussed a strawberry patch too. Jessica wasn’t at her best, and had no interest in going to the movies when I suggested. So, I dropped her at mum’s house, and then took Sophie to the movies. The nicest moment was snuggling with her and watching The Princess and the Frog. It was a gift.

On the second day of January I turned 46. I got up earlier than I ideal and after fifteen minutes or so, things descended into all sorts of unpleasantness. I think Jessica was probably under the weather, but some unfortunate things were said and the morning suddenly seemed something to be avoided. I responded by getting a little cross and cleaning. I made omelettes for breakfast, I did dishes, I washed the floor, and I got grumpy. Mum showed up at 10am with cake and presents. In fact, I found out she’d snuck in at 4.30am to prepare the front garden to plant one of my presents — a hedge of blueberries (from her, Jessica, and Sophie). This made me very happy, and is a wonderful, wonderful gift. I also got some cds (in transit), a DVD, a miniature ray gun (for hunting miniature alien game), and a coffee mug with pictures of the girls on it. I then did what any sane person would have done and took a nap. I felt better. I pottered around the house and whiled away the afternoon, and then gathered up the girls and headed off to the Adelphi Steakhouse at the Hilton in the city (Stephen’s hotel). There I met up with the family and received more gifts – more transitory cds, a gift voucher and a Carnival of Love. All welcome. Also had a fine steak, a good evening, though less than awesome service. We got home late, got the girls to bed, and I finished the bottle of Two Left Feet (Mollydooker was the theme of my holiday season), chatting online with girliejones, and then staggered off to bed.

I could have done with another few hours sleep this morning, but you take what you can get. I got up and watered all of the plants. 40 degree weather was forecast and I wanted to get to the new seedlings before anything died. Once they were watered, I showered and breakfasted. I planned to watch day 1 of Australia v Pak, but the Aussies collapsed horribly, so instead I had a long conversation with Gary about SF and the state of Locus, then napped, played a little and didn’t do much. It’s now mid-afternoon. Time to do some things, though I don’t know what yet.

I will say that so far this year I’ve been listening to End Times by the Eels, which I really like, and might be starting Jo Walton’s Lifelode. I’ve not read a novel in a month or more and I need to get back in the saddle. In fact, I need to start reading for the year’s best, because otherwise it’s going to get tough.

And as for tomorrow: back to work. I’ve been home for the week with Marianne and the girls, dealing with M being sick and am more than ready for a return to the day job.

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