A “to do” list for January

Here is my current “To Do” list:

  1. Write main volume intro for Life on Mars. Complete line edits. Prepare submission manuscript. Follow up, contract remaining stories. Deliver within two weeks!! (Evenings this week, and Sunday)
  2. Write Locus year in review essay (Saturday)
  3. Copyedits for The Best SF/F of the Year 4. (Tomorrow!!!)
  4. Copedits for Legends of Australian Fantasy
  5. Copyedits for special issue of Subterranean. Send out invoices for this.
  6. Send out invoices for Hard Luck Diggings.
  7. Follow up introduction for Best of Larry Niven.
  8. Follow up introduction for Best of Fritz Leiber. Be sure publisher is doing scanning etc. Who is dealing with copyedits?
  9. Finalise stories for dragons anthology. Contract remaining stories. Write introduction.
  10. Decide about Robinson afterword.
  11. Follow up stories for Eclipse 4.
  12. Follow up stories for Engineering Infinity.

I also need to organise my office, get  at least thirty minutes excrcise per day, have some family time and so on. Also take deep breaths.

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  1. some of your numbered items have several tasks, if you broke those down into subitems, you’d probably feel you progressed faster :P

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