Whew. That was a day. I fell out of bed, feeling happy and fine, at a little before 5.00am. As is my habit, I then proceeded to check my overnight email before jumping in the shower. In truth this is a bad habit, for it can only increase my stress levels, but nonetheless it is what I do.

This morning I had two important emails: both from publishers. The first was regarding a book I’m editing, asking when exactly the manuscript for said book would be in the in-house editor’s hands. I’ve had a long history with this particular publisher – one I value – and there’s always been a lot of flexibility in things. Today it seemed there was little flexibility to be found. The manuscript had been due a few weeks ago, and how soon could they have it? We went back and forth a few times, but I’m now royally on notice to get this thing delivered. I shall do everything I can to oblige, but of course I’m waiting on some people to deliver stories.

The second was from Locus, asking where my end-of-year essay was? For long-time readers, you’ll know I’m always struggling with this. I get it in at the very last second, for reasons I can’t quite express. It’s certainly going to be the case this year. I have until Monday to get it in and I have to be honest and say even that’s a long shot right now. I do have very mixed feelings about an end-of-year issue without an essay in it by me, so I’ll probably find some way to get it done, but there’s something to be learnt here.

Once I’d dealt with those issues, it was usual morning stuff then into the car and off to work. I had my usual morning coffee with my mother, and then headed into the day job. I worked, then spent my lunch hour doing line edits on stories for the late book. I also set up what I hope will be a regular contact with Jeremy at Night Shade so we can keep on top of some other projects we’re doing.

I then headed home. It’s hot here again, and Marianne and the girls came to pick me up, which was nice. I’m still worried about my circulatory problems (which are minor), but only consistent excercise will solve that. No closer to new year resolutions, but some plans are called for.

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