Thursday, again

Boy, the rest of the day was less peaceful. Got to work. Did that. Was sorta productive, but not hugely. Chatted and so on. Had a good walk into the city, getting my legs well and truly stretched. Then back to the office, all hot n sweaty. Bought an Avett Bros cd recommended by Ange. Then more work, and home. Sat on back patio, had a beverage, and basically didn’t do much. Whined about doing things, but didn’t do. Then dinner, and am now sitting where I started this morning, blogging, and listening to horrible horde next year making enormous noise and wishing for a little peace. A retreat perhaps?

As to SFnal work: progress made on Mars, which is good. No progress on end-of-year essay, which is always like pulling teeth, until it isn’t. Weird.

Almost time for Colbert Report. After that, rock show and bed. Sneurgh. That was Thursday. Considered posting on Realms of Mantasy, but it’s already been said.

Good morning, Thursday

I am sitting on the patio, eating breakfast. Cool breezes are doing their cool breeze thing. In early 2010 I am listening to Eels’ new album, End Times, reading Jo Walton’s Lifelode, thinking about gardening, home repair, holidays, and organisation skills.

As to the rest of the year: I’m hoping to change things. This is the rear of re-casting my experience into something that leaves me happier and healthier overall on 31 December than I was on 1 January. We shall see.