Eclipse Three at the AAs

Eclipse Three just won the Aurealis Award for Best Anthology.  I’m deeply flattered, and grateful to everyone. I asked Sean Williams to say these few words at the ceremony:

I wish I could be there with you all on what I am sure is a glittering
and glamorous BrisVegas night, but I am called upon to be on the other
side of the country celebrating a wedding anniversary, so I hope
you’ll understand.

I am genuinely delighted that Eclipse has won the Aurealis Award for
Best Anthology and would like to thank the judges, Awards’
administrator Ron Serdiuk, all of the writers, and my publisher Night
Shade Books for all of their efforts on behalf of the book, especially
Jason Williams at Night Shade who gave the series the green light and
continues to support it.

I would also like to acknowledge the advice and support I received
from my dear friend, Charles Brown, who died this past July and was
always a tireless supporter, and thank my wife Marianne and daughters
Jessica and Sophie: every moment spent working on this book was stolen
from them and I am grateful for their patience.

And a final thank you to Sean for accepting the award on my behalf.
It’s never a fun task, but it’s appreciated.  Now, please, pop some
corks on my behalf. I’ll be drinking champagne all night!

Viva BrisVegas

Tonight the glitterati of Australian science fiction will assemble at the Judith Wright Contemporary Arts Centre in Brisbane, Australia for the 2010 Aurealis Awards.  I am delighted to be nominated, and saddened that I can’t be there for what is sure to be a magnificent night. This is , I believe the final time that the Awards will be hosted by Fantastic Queensland and I hear they put on a wonderful, wonderful party. I would like to publicly thank Ron Serdiuk, the Awards administrator, for all of his hard and tireless work.  I’ve had a number of dealings with him over the years about the awards, and he has never been less than awesome.  I would also like to acknowledge the judges, who have a thankless task.  Regardless of outcomes tonight, I take my hat off to all of them.

And, finally, congratulations to all of my final nominees.  I wish everyone well, and hope the night is never less than sparkling for all.