Looking back

I think I’ve been overthinking posting to the blog, which is why posts have slowly gone from a torrent down to a trickle. I’ve not posted on all sorts of things, mostly because I want to stop and think about it, write something more considered etc. This plainly is not conducive to actually blogging at all, never mind blogging effectively.

With that in mind, I shall try to lighten up a little. Looking back at old posts I find it wasn’t at all hard just to say ‘go read’ this or ‘did you see that’, and so I shall.

Some updatery….

I’m head down on getting Legends of Australian Fantasy and Wings of Fire completed. Legends is in final copyedits right now, while Wings is due in the hands of the publisher on 18 March. I also have several things lined up behind that already demanding my attention. On top of that, March is tax time for me, and then I’m disappearing for part of April for a long-awaited family holiday.

Still, I’ve been lax in my reportage here.  Older projects like Eclipse Three have been receiving wonderful write-ups from the likes of Jeff VanderMeer, for which I’m hugely grateful, while new projects that were completed a while ago are starting to appear.  The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Four is just shipping as a write, and other projects are lining up behind it.  Mirror Kingdoms: The Best of Peter S. Beagle will be out soon, and it should be followed by Fritz Leiber: Essential Stories and Walter Jon Williams’ The Green Leopard Plague and Other Stories.  Immediately after those have all hit this shelves, my special issue of Subterranean should be online, and then Swords and Dark Magic should be out.  They’ll be followed by Legends of Australian Fantasy and The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson for WorldCon in Melbourne, and then Eclipse Four for World Fantasy. I suspect The Best of Larry Niven should be out around then too.  All of which shows I’ve been busy.

I’m also tinkering with travel plans for later in the year.  I’m heading to Melbourne for WorldCon with the family (yay!)  and may be going to World Fantasy in Columbus. I just bought a membership for the latter, but am very much undecided as to whether I’ll actually make it.  We shall see.   There’s a lot more to mentin here – I hope to get it online over the next while.  As always, my apologies for the silence.