Awesome Typhoon of Productivity (fail)

The weekend has not been the awesome typhoon of productivity ™ that I’d intended.  This is very disappointing. I’d intended to draft the introduction to Wings of Fire, do some work on story notes and continue to chase the remaining permissions, while bracing myself for the final race to the line in March (the manuscript is due March 18 and I have to do my taxes too, which I am not not not thinking about).

Instead I was tripped at the outset by the death of Windows 7 RC1 on our home network. This was somewhat foolishly installed when we built the new home network last year, with the notion that upgrading fro RC1 to the final version would be simple. Oh foolishness!  Two of the three machines need stripped back to the basic hard drive and built back from scratch.  Oh joy!  The ever-faithful Gordon is supervising this process, but it’s taken time, a bit more grief than expected, and we’re still awaiting reports on possible data loss. I also continue to fight against upgrading to the new version of MS Office which is a horrible videogame pretending to be a piece of Mac software in drag.   A priority before June will be the acquisition of external backup capability.

We also continued to be somewhat sapped by the heatwave which has continuing to grip Perth. I believe summer is technically over.  This effectively means that, even though the daily maximum temperatures continue at over 38C (100F) we shall call it Autumn (or Fall, dear Usians) and simply run the airconditioning a bit cooler. I find myself watching weather forecasts for other cities and entertaining daydreams of moving.

I don’t know whether it was the heat or something else, but I slept extremely poorly on Friday and Saturday nights, which meant that by Sunday I was something of a zombie too.  Still, last night was much better. I’m a bit tired, but much, much more functional, which is promising for a productive day today. I’m hoping to get the home network running today, get copy written for a Larry Niven book and some other things.

Now, you must be thinking: poor Jonathan, no ‘awesome’ in his weekend. Well, that is not the case. There definitely was some awesome. I continue to read the ‘no-I-can’t-tell-you-what-it-is-but-it’s-terrific’ novel and find myself struggling to pull away from it. I also headed out on Saturday evening to a delightful dinner with Garth Nix, who was visiting Perth. Marianne, Robin, Toula, Stef, Janet, Nick and Amanda met up with Garth at a Vietnamese place and talked about all sorts of things till late.  I then met up with Garth on Sunday for lunch to talk life, publishing, writing and so on. It was a very enjoyable time.  I gave him an ARC of Swords and Dark Magic, which he was pleased to get (though the cover got another mixed reaction).  He and I don’t see enough of each other, so it was a great time.

I was feeling seedy last night though, so I sat quietly in the front room with the new big speakers (which I have not mentioned here but which are BIG and SPEAKERS and AWESOME) and listened to a little Vangelis before grabbing an early night.  Up at 5.30am this morning and enjoying some quiet now before the day starts.  Onward!