So, we’ve “upgraded” to Windows 7 as of today. What a total clusterf*ck that was, and I say that having arranged for someone else to handle the actual physical upgrading of the physical machines in question.  It’s very clear to me that I made an error of judgement last year when I opted to upgrade my working computer at home to a new Windows-based machine. I toyed with the idea of buying a MacBook to replace it and most likely should have.

The reason that I’m so confident about this is because moving my Outlook email from one machine was, once again, a drama. At a time when I needed to be working on various projects I suddenly had to deal with not having computers accessible and then trying to manage 31,748 emails that weren’t quite where they should be. (sigh)

Still, that is done now.  I now need to look into (a) network storage and (b) the wireless network.  This last set of problems has made it clear that since “Jonathan and Marianne’s Editing Inc” depends on our computer network then it needs to be better managed and regularly backed-up in a safe manner.  I’m looking into that (Netgear’s Stora seems a possibility).  Marianne also continues to experience wireless network connectivity issues, so it looks like that’s going to have to be dealt with too. So, more dollars.

I think what makes this so much fun is that  it’s happening at the same time I need to finish up on Wings of Fire (lots to do and its due 18 March), write copy for the Niven collection, and get ready for taxes.  And all of that has to be done by 2 April, cos we are going on holiday, people, and I will be offline for the whole time. Busy business indeed!

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