The Best of Larry Niven

The good folks over at Subterranean Press have just announced pre-orders for The Best of Larry Niven, a book I spent some time editing last fall.  It’s due out later this year and is a book I’ve always wanted to exist.  I love big career retrospectives and Niven’s initial burst of short fiction stands, in my opinion, alongside those from John Varley and Greg Egan, as one of the most impressive and important starts to a career in SF history.  I’d always been somewhat dissatisfied with the two big Niven retrospectives, N-Space and Playgrounds of My Mind, because they included novel excerpts and such.  This book is just the pure quill – 27 Larry Niven short stories in one big book.  For me it passes the toughest test of all – if I hadn’t worked on it myself I’d buy it. I think it’s essential.

Galactic Suburbia

Tansy,  Alex, and Alisa have launched the Galactic Suburbia podcast.  Similar in conception to the late lamented (are you listening Tony C. Smith) The Sofanauts podcast, it involves three friends with an interest in science fiction (writer, reviewer, editor/publisher) talking about what’s happening in the field, what they’re reading, and other stuff they think is interesting.  I really enjoyed the first instalment of “Galactic Suburbia”, even if I wanted to keep arguing and interjecting with the trio (because I know them and tend to argue and interject, one way or another, though usually online).  Go listen and subscribe!

I should also mention John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley’s The Geeks Guide to the Galaxy which is often interesting and is also worth listening too.