Lois Tilton reviews short fiction at Locus Online

As some of you might recall, when the Internet Review of Science Fiction sadly closed its doors recently short fiction reviewer Lois Tilton joined the extended Locus family as a short fiction reviewer for Locus Online.

The third instalment of Lois’s reviews just went up (they’re appearing three times each month*) and she looks at:

 You can also see her first two columns here and here.

* ETA: I originally thought Lois’s reviews were going up weekly. It’s since been confirmed they go up three times per month.

Girls! Zombies! Zeppelins!

Some years ago I flew from Australia to California to meet up with Charles N. Brown, spend some time with him, and then head on to a convention. I don’t remember which one, but I remember that he met me at the airport with the newest Locus employee, a very sweet and kind woman named Amelia Beamer.  Over the years going to Oakland and going to WorldCon or World Fantasy was made much, much more fun because Amelia was going to be there.  We’ve eaten in restaurants in half a dozen cities, gone on road trips together, bought phones, accepted awards, taken pictures, laughed, cried, and basically become very good friends since that first meeting. I’ll never forget Wisconsin cheese hats or Liza’s first birthday party or any one of dozen other things. 

And over the years it became clear that not only was she sweet and kind and generous, she was tough and smart and talented, so when I heard she was writing an novel for my buddies over at Night Shade I was delighted.  The book, The Loving Dead, is only a few months away now.  It’s a zombie romance and I’m going to read just as soon as I can, but you can read it now (or at least start to) over at ameliabeamer.com. It’s a first novel, Connie Willis called it “a rollercoaster ride of a read” and it does have girls, zombies and zeppelins, along with a whole lot of other goodness.  What are you waiting for!?