Wings of Fire, with extra added Marianne!

Things are progressing with Wings of Fire and I wanted to check in and let you all know the latest.  The first, and most important, piece of news is that I’ve acquired a co-editor for the book. Last year when I was feeling swamped with deadlines I turned to my wife, Marianne Jablon, for assistance. She’s a former managing editor of Locus, a comics reviewer, and worked for Dell at one point in an editorial capacity, so she was horribly overqualified to act as helper on the book.

Initially I just asked Marianne to help with paperwork, but as time passed and we got deeper and deeper into the project I realised that she was co-editing the book in all but name, so I thought that should be corrected. It’s our first co-edited project, and I doubt it’ll be our last.  She has great taste and is diligent at times when I might be asleep at the wheel, so Wings of Fire is going to be a lot stronger because of her involvement.

Where are we otherwise? Well, the stories are contracted, the story notes and introduction are written, and the various bits of interstitial material have been created.  We’re currently juggling the running order of the book, but once that’s finalised (and we’ll go right down to the wire), we’ll be done. The book is due at Night Shade on Monday, and we’re definitely going to make that deadline.

I’ve no doubt some of you would love to see the table of contents for the book, and I’d love to oblige, but we’re not quite ready. Give us till early next week, when we’ve delivered the final manuscript, and we’ll post it here. I think you’re going to be impressed. I know I’m very happy with how the book has developed.