British Fantasy Society longlist

The good folk at the British Fantasy Society have released the long-list of the British Fantasy Awards. It is a very long list, but I’m delighted to see Eclipse Three, The New Space Opera 2, and The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Three amongst the thirty-seven anthologies recognised by the Society. Whilst Iwould be surprised, and delighted, if any of my anthologies made the final list (I’m not being modest. All contain SF and other stuff, and this is a fantasy award), I would like to thank Society members for this recognition and will work to make electronic texts for the books available to voters, should any of them make the final list.

Some illness

I have occasional problems with my right ear. It tends to get blocked with wax from time-to-time, and every now and then I get a virus or something affecting it. What this usually means is a week or so of tinnitus, and then all’s back to normal.  The tinnitus struck up about two weeks ago and I’m still dealing with that, but on Wednesday morning I woke feeling dizzy and not at all well. Like an idiot I got up and started to head to work. I made it less than a kilometre before turning around and heading home. I spent some time violently throwing up and feeling rotten, before sleeping deeply for the rest of the morning.  I then saw the doctor and spent Wednesday and Thursday doing nothing much but being sick.  Friday wasn’t too bad, and Saturday is still up in the air.  Meh.

In the meantime I turned my attention to WorldCon and flight/hotel bookings.  Some friends of ours are staying in an apartment hotel, and we may well stay there. We are also considering the Hilton, which has some very nice apartments too.  Dollars are a big consideration, though. I was annoyed to discover that room rates went up while we pondered, so we’ll push to get this, and airfares I suppse, dealt with soon. This means nudging a few people out there to pay some bills so we can, but this is the life of everyone so I while I’m complaining, I’m not complaining (if you know what I mean).

Hardly working…

I seem to have dropped off the radar for another week.  The march to finish Wings of Fire is complete.  Marianne and I delivered the final manuscript of the anthology a few days ago.  As always seems to be the case, though, I’m waiting on a few details before we release the table of contents.  There’s still a healthy chance at least one story will be added very late in the piece, and maybe two, so I don’t want to pre-empt that. However, I’d say we should have a list to go public with in the next week.

Now the Wings of Fire is done Marianne is about to get started on cyberpunk research, while I get taxes done. Once taxes are done, then it’s our April holiday (yay!!!), most of the rest of the year will be occupied with Engineering Infinity (June), Eclipse Four (July), The Best of Joe Haldeman, and The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 5 (November). That should see us through till December, when I think I might close the editing doors for a little while for Christmas (that’s assuming we’re on schedule!). Then it’ll be Locus end of year stuff and Under My Hat.  A busy year, but quieter than last.

With all that in mind, I actually read a book this week. I can’t tell you what it was, but I really enjoyed it.  I also picked up a few cds, and tried to watch some cricket.  Taxes, however, are most on my mind now.  How I don’t love them.