Not too well, really

The last week or three has been a little frustrating.  As I’ve mentioned here, I’ve been struck by some kind of vertigo-related inner-ear condition that has been a constant pest for three weeks and, on a couple of occasions, has pretty much completely knocked me out.  Last Wednesday, and again this, I was struck by intense vertigo, cold sweats, soaring levels of tinnitus, and convulsive vomiting. Not so nice. I’ve seen doctors on both occasions, and we’re slowly working out possibilities on what might be the cause. Viral infections seem out, as does fluid on the ear etc.  We’ve considered Meniere’s Disease, which isn’t out of the picture, but seems long odds. The latest candidate is some kind of benign positional vertigo (or something that sounded like that when the doctor told me yesterday).  Whatever it is, it pretty much wipes me out for the day, and I suffer a kind of hangover the following day where I’m worn out and a bit dubious health-wise. I do feel on the mend, though. My right ear feels as good as it has at any point in the past three weeks, but I’m not through whatever this is yet.  If it doesn’t clear up in the next week though I’m off to an ENT doctor quick-smart.

Why am I telling you this? Partly because I’d like to apologise for any delays in correspondence anyone dealing with me may be experiencing, partly because this is my blog and I’m allowed to whine if I want to (I checked, it’s in the blogging terms and conditions). I do know there are people out there with a lot of serious medical problems, and I’m not equating my position to theirs: I’m just not really very well right now.