Wings of Fire – Contents!

As promised, here’s the table of contents for Wings of Fire, the mammoth reprint anthology of dragon stories that Marianne and I delivered to Night Shade Books recently. There’s a lot of feverish work going on in the background so this book can make it’s late-April print date and June pub date, but we’re very happy with the final book. You can pre-order it now, should you be so-inclined. [Please note: the cover at right is not final.  The image is – and it’s awesome – but author names and editor credits etc need to be updated.]

Wings of Fire
Jonathan Strahan and Marianne S. Jablon eds.

Introduction, Jonathan Strahan and Marianne S. Jablon

  1. Stable of Dragons [poem], Peter S. Beagle
  2. The Rule of Names, Ursula Le Guin
  3. The Ice Dragon, George RR Martin
  4. Sobek [original to the book], Holly Black
  5. King Dragon, Michael Swanwick
  6. The Laily Worm, Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  7. The Harrowing of the Dragon of Hoarsbreath , Patricia A McKillip
  8. The Bully and the Beast, Orson Scott Card
  9. Concerto Accademico, Barry Malzberg
  10. The Dragon’s Boy, Jane Yolen
  11. The Miracle Aquilina [original to the book], Margo Lanagan
  12. Orm the Beautiful, Elizabeth Bear
  13. Weyr Search, Anne McCaffrey
  14. Paper Dragons, James P Blaylock
  15. Dragon’s Gate, Pat Murphy
  16. In Autumn, A White Dragon Looks Over The Wide River, Naomi Novik
  17. St Dragon and the George, Gordon R. Dickson
  18. The Silver Dragon, Elizabeth A. Lynn
  19. The Dragons of Summer Gulch, Robert Reed
  20. Berlin, Charles de Lint
  21. Draco, Draco, Tanith Lee
  22. The Dragon on the Bookshelf, Harlan Ellison & Robert Silverberg
  23. Gwydion and the Dragon, C.J. Cherryh
  24. The George Business, Roger Zelazny
  25. Dragon’s Fin Soup, S.P Somtow
  26. The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule, Lucius Shepard