Family holiday

I worked it out a little while ago. I started working for Locus in 1997, took a short break, and then resumed in 1999.  I became Reviews Editor in 2002. In 2004 I started editing freelance in earnest, and have so far completed thirty-nine books and am working on eight more.  All of this while holding down a full-time day job with a State government department and helping raise two daughters, one born in 2000 and the other born in 2001.

We took the girls to the US to visit relatives in 2002 and again in 2006, and spent a week with visiting inlaws in Dunsborough about two years ago. But other than that, we’ve not taken a simple, no hassles holidays since the girls were born, and I’ve not had a break without some kind of editorial work to do since 1999. Eleven years. That’s too long.

So, for the next week I’ll be gone, incommunicado, offline and unavailable. I’m not taking the laptop with me, and I don’t plan to check email. If you need anything to do with my editing please contact either my agent, Howard Morhaim, or the people at Locus .  I’ll be back in a while, refreshed and ready to go, but for just a little while I’m kicking back and taking it easy. See you soon!

Note: This doesn’t mean the house will be unattended. We have a housesitter and my mother will be here all the time overseeing maintenance etc.

2010 Hugo Awards nominations and Starship Sofa

The good folk at Aussiecon 4 have released the final 2010 Hugo Awards nominations.  It’s a terrific ballot – full of well deserved nominations and wonderful surprises – and I am just thrilled to be nominated for Best Editor, Short Form.  My sincere thanks to everyone who nominated me – it’s humbling. I’m joined again in the category by the formidable Ellen Datlow, Gordon Van Gelder, Sheila Williams, and Stanley Schmidt.  I genuinely am honored to be in their company. I’m also delighted beyond words that Peter Watt’s novellette “The Island” from The New Space Opera 2 and Nicola Griffiths’ novelette “It Takes Two” from Eclipse Three are nominated.

I am also over the moon that Tony C Smith’s Starship Sofa is up for Best Fanzine. I love the podcast and dug myself out of bed at 4.30am this morning to appear on their Hugo Special. Go check it out. We had enormous fun and Tony is a very deserving nominee (the first ever podcast!).  Oh, and congratulations to Fred Pohl and Jack Vance for making the ballot again! It’s really exciting. So much fine work, so many wonderful nominees, and so many friends involved (apologies to any I didn’t mention, but congratulations!!!)