Getting sorted – the end of it for now…

Well, we didn’t win, we didn’t lose – I prefer to think we drew in the mighty battle that is “Merton Way vs. books”.  On Saturday I was up early-ish and headed off to IKEA to pick up some extra bookshelves to fit into one of the bookcases, and then picked up my brother who had agreed to help with the sorting etc again.  I think we put our heads down and started at around 11am.  After a short break for lunch we pushed through to around 6pm when it became clear we either needed to reach an accommodation or push through till midnight again, and then most likely face more work on Sunday.

I’ll be honest: with an aching back and shoulders I couldn’t face it, so I suggested we ignore for now the seven or eight cartons of hardcovers that needed to be sorted which were sitting in my office and that we not integrate the front room books with the office books.  What this means is that we now have A-Z hardcovers up to about 2000 in our lounge room and A-Z hardcovers from 2001 to the present in my office, with all of the paperbacks fully sorted, along with some boxes that still need dealing with some time soon-ish. This is not ideal, but it is a lot better.  There is neatness and order on the shelves, and my office is coming out of its eighteen-month long state of chaos that started when we emptied our front room and turned it into a lounge.  True: not all of the books are out, and they’re not all integrated. Next time for that.

The hurriedly announced sale of books happened yesterday and some friends came over and relieved of us a small number of books (thank you Alisa, Nick and Amanda) and a large number of galleys (thank you Russ and Liz!). Today we will hopefully see a few more go. After that I need to find boxes for probably two bookcases full of books until our preferred second-hand dealer comes back from holidays in mid-June to relieve of us of them. We might even be able to get them into a family member’s garage for a while. Anything to keep them out of my office.

And  now? Well, having lived with this for three days I now look forward to editing work increasing significantly this week before a return to work next Monday.