More on canons: Graham Sleight on the Street

Graham Sleight and I discuss his work on the short fiction of Joanna Russ, Gollancz Masterworks, and a few last comments on canon-building, in a short conversation on the Street. Although the push to get Joanna Russ’s short fiction back in print is alive, I’m likely to leave canon-building as a topic for a while. I’ll also likely take the rest of the week off podcasting to let you all recover. Many thanks to Graham for his thoughts and for coming onto the Street.

4 thoughts on “More on canons: Graham Sleight on the Street”

  1. Thanks for the podcast, Jonathan. It was very enjoyable, though the slightly mind-bending effects of each person coming through on one channel only (right ear for Graham, left ear for yourself) made listening on the iPod something of a challenge.



  2. Argh. Yes. Something weird happened with the settings. I’ll work on getting that fixed before I record again. And thank you for the kind words.

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