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Strange but productive day here in the chilly Far West.  Spent part of the morning breakfasting and blogging, then left the still-in-pajamas family to head out for a reconnoitre at JB HiFi. Came home with Neko Case’s Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (playing for the first time as I write) and Richard and Linda Thompson’s Pour Down the Silver. I did look for some Ray Lamontagne, after watching him on Spectacle, but that was to no avail. Brought some lunch home for the mini-horde, and then worked on Engineering Infinity. It’s basically complete. I have other work to do related to the project, and one more look over it tomorrow before I send it in to the publisher — I’m waiting on a comment from Marianne and am messing about with a couple minor details – but it’s basically done, which is very pleasing.  Before anyone asks, I won’t be releasing the table of contents before the manuscript is accepted by the publisher and I get a go ahead from them. This could take some weeks. However, the moment I have the go ahead and hopefully a near-final or final cover, I’ll get the information here.

This evening we’re off to my mum’s house for a farewell party for my sister and her partner. They’re moving to Melbourne for three years, which means apart from Aussiecon, we won’t be seeing them much, which is an enormous thing because we’re a very small but very close family. Christmas is going to be a small affair, but I’m happy for them. It should be a great experience.

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