Episode 12: Live with Gary K. Wolfe

Well, Gary Wolfe and I got on Skype this morning with no real idea about what we might discuss, other than a passing desire not to retread old grown. After a bit of waffling, we got down to serious waffling and spent some time discussing:

  • William Gibson’s Zero History and what makes a book that isn’t SF feel like SF. This follows-on from comments by Alex, Alisa and Tansy on the most recent Galactic Suburbia podcast
  • why SF loves novellas
  • the influence of Charles N. Brown on science fiction, us and the podcast;
  • our second official “Book You Don’t Need to Read”; and
  • sundry other stuff.

In amongst it all I spend some time recommending Galactic Suburbia (go listen!) and we sort of natter for a good while. We hope you enjoy it as always and will see you next weekend!

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  1. […] and Gary K. Wolfe, and thanks to Finncon I had two episodes to listen to. Amongst the topics in this week’s episode the boys once again talk about the sadly missed Charles N. Brown, including the story of how he met […]

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