Episode 14: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

Winter seems to have little interest in Perth at the moment. There’s the occasional shower, some cold mornings, but basically beautiful cool, sunny days. Against that backdrop, I called Gary in Chicago this morning and we discussed:

  • science fiction in translation,
  • the place of bestselling fantasy in the field (a little),
  • awards, and
  • a new book you don’t need to read (though we did go round about it a little).

It’s another longish podcast.  We hope you enjoy it as always and will see you next weekend!

10 thoughts on “Episode 14: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!”

  1. Strange as it seems, amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository and Powell’s all show Lord Valentine’s Castle as available only in audio book format and as used copies. Eos was the publisher. Their site lists an ebook only, but the links to ebook sellers all lead to “0 match” results. So, literally not in “print”.

  2. With regards to non-English books, this is a subject which I’ve been thinking about quite a lot recently. It was really spurred on my some Escapepod.org sci fi stories from Chinese-decsended writers and some recommendations from Brazilian sci fi.

    There’s a very good peice from the Guardian.co.uk site on tranlasation here also: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/audio/2010/feb/05/alexander-hemon-anthea-bell-translation-european-literature

    Great cast again – keep up the good work.

  3. David Peeples is writing the screenplay for THE FOREVER WAR, not David Fincher.

  4. It does seem it is out of print, which is pretty much unthinkable. I do now understand there are moves to correct this – in place already, not due to our humble podcast – which is welcome news.

  5. You’re correct, Chris–the Forever War screenplay is being written by David Peoples (not Peeples), and he apparently turned in a fourth draft this week. I misspoke.

  6. In fact, I was apparently conflating David Peoples and Hampton Fancher into David Fincher. At least it makes a sort of sense.

  7. Gary, that makes sense as Peoples and Fancher wrote the screenplay for “Blade Runner”. I just recently watched the documentary “Dangerous Days” about the making of “Blade Runner”. Fascinating stuff. It’s amazing that movie got made and is as good as it is.

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