WorldCon Schedules

The programming folk have released the schedule for Aussiecon4. I believe it’s tentative at this stage,  and unfortunately I’m unable to make a number of the events they’ve proposed for me. I hope some or all of these may be able to be resolved, but at the moment this is my schedule:

  • Fri 1200pm: In conversation: Ellen Datlow and Jonathan Strahan;
  • Fri 3.00pm: Kaffeeklatsche;
  • Sat 10am: How much science should be in YA science fiction?
  • Sat 1.00pm: Did the future just arrive?: The e-book and the publishing industry
  • Sun 10.00am: Predicting the Hugos: 2011
  • Sun 1100am: Signing;
  • Sun 12noon:  Jack Vance and the Dying Earth
  • Mon 10.00am: How we edit
  • Mon 11.00 am: The future of short fiction
  • Mon 1.00pm: A house made from stories: Building the anthology

I’m sad that it seems unlikely I’ll be able to make so many of these events, and have my fingers crossed that at least one or two of the Monday events can be resolved.

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There was a bandwidth issue with the domain that result in the site being knocked out from about 2am – 9am Perth time. My apologies to anyone trying to get to the blog, or to the podcast.  We’re back and all should be fine now.

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Episode 16: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

Although we’re having a Federal election here in Australia, and I had to get out and fulfil my democratic obligations, I still found time to jump on to Skype and call Gary to talk about things science-fictional.  We covered reviewing, the end of “books you don’t need to read’, The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction, our awesome technical skills as podcasters, the Coode Street Feminist Advisory Committee (we may need t-shirts), and all sorts of other things in another longish podcast.  We have also accepted we could talk forever – I think we chatted for more than an hour that we didn’t record.  We hope you enjoy it!

Edit: People have had problems with this episode. I’ve republished it on the new host. Hope that solves the problem.

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Episode 15: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

We’re running late here at Coode St.  No fault of the indefatigable Gary K. Wolfe, who fired up Skype late on Friday evening to record a new podcast, but more due to some issues to to with data storage. I’m still working on those, but her, after some peer review, is the latest, our fifteenth!  We natter about a number of things, all of which I should probably list, but will instead leave for you to discover as I’m in something of a rush.  Enjoy!

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WorldCon and the podcast

It’s getting towards that time. If WorldCon were being held anywhere else in the world I’d be rushing around checking my bags, my passport, my clothes, my carry-on, my schedule etc etc, and getting ready for WorldCon.

Usually I’d be aiming to fly to Oakland some time in the week before the convention so I could have a chunk of time with Charles, before heading to the convention. The last time I did, or will, do that was for Denvention in late July 2008 (see earlier post). We had enormous fun, and I sold three books to Jeremy Lassen over beer on Charles’ back deck.  This time is so different.

Everything seems calm. There are five of us going to WorldCon – Marianne, Jessica, Sophie, my mother (!!), and me. It should be fun, even if a completely different kind of fun.  We’ll do stuff, see friends, and try to balance our social schedules for the five days we’re there. It’s likely to be a bit crazy, but also excellent. I can barely believe, though, that it’s only fourteen days.

Once we get back from Aussiecon I’ll make my final, final decision about Columbus and World Fantasy. Right now I’d say I’m at 10% for going/90% for skipping this year, but anything could happen.  If I don’t go this year, I’ll definitely attend the Reno WorldCon (Charles did ask me to go), and the San Diego World Fantasy next year, so it would be a win of sorts.

Other than that, my apologies for the delays with the podcast. It normally comes out Sunday, but we’ve been delayed by some issues, but hope to have something up shortly.

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