Reading madness to commence

I fly out for Columbus, Ohio and World Fantasy Convention on Saturday, 23 October.  There are a lot of things that I need to do between now and then. One of the most urgent is to make significant headway on my 2010 short fiction reading. Why?

Well, most urgently, I have to deliver The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 5 in early December (heck, I expect to get asked about names for the cover shortly and I’m nowhere near ready to hand over that information!).  That means reading a LOT of anthologies, collections, and magazines and FAST. Also chasing down those end-of-year stories I might otherwise miss.

All of this reading  will also directly inform the work I will be doing on compiling the Locus Short Fiction Recommended Reading list, which I expect to start work on in early November when I get home from Ohio. There is also a chance that I may end up doing a panel on the ‘Year in Review’ at World Fantasy. Having been admonished by Sophie, aged 8, that it wouldn’t hurt if I prepared for my panels, I’m eager to be as well-read as I can be when that time comes round.

All of this means I need to read, read, read! And I am.  There’s oceans still to read, and I’m still actively seeking recommendations. Feel free to email me if you’ve seen a story you liked and let me know. I’m reading reviews, checking blogs and Twitter feeds for story recs, but I’d love yours.  Really. I have thousands of stories to read and I’m not going get through them all, so your recommendation would help.

As to how I’m getting through everything? Well, first I’m reading a LOT. Fast (which is not how I read usually). I’ve also been in touch with my colleagues at Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth, and it seems we’re working out some deadlines and incentives so we can all get as much covered as possible (that means four or five more sets of eyes looking at things). I’m also considering getting an intern to help. Hmm. An intern. Anyone interested?  I believe we may be tweeting some of our story reading progress, but that’s still up in the air.

In the meantime, could you pass me that book…

4 thoughts on “Reading madness to commence”

  1. I know you have access to the spreadsheet, but thought I should give you a heads up of 3 super excellent stories I’ve read this week – the Peterfreund and Brennan from Kiss Me Deadly, but IN PARTICULAR the Swirsky from the latest Subterranean because omigod that story has punch. It’s like – the Forever War if written by Joanna Russ. I think. READ IT if you haven’t already and if you have, READ IT AGAIN. I almost missed it because my brain went ‘blah blah, oldy style sword and sorcery’ when I started reading it, until I spotted all the characters were women and went, hmm.

    And half an hour later I was sitting there going OMG.

  2. It’s THAT GOOD, Jonathan! Even if you don’t reprint it, you have to read it in order to include it in the ‘we regret the following stories were too long to include’ bit at the beginning.

    Yes, it’s worth getting Kiss Me Deadly for the Brennan & Peterfreund stories. Plus your girls can read it in a couple of years :D

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