Travel soon…

It’s four o’clock on Tuesday afternoon. I’m at work tomorrow and Thursday, home Friday, and then at around six o’clock on Saturday morning I’ll head out to the Perth Airport to begin the loooooong peregrination. As you all know, I’m headed to Columbus, Ohio (birthplace of the always dear EllenK) by way of Sydney and San Francisco/Oakland.

There’s much I’m looking forward to. I believe there’s Mexican food waiting for me in Sydney with Nick, Adrian, Cat, Rob, Deb, Chris and Terry on Saturday. Sunday is the big hop across the Pacific (can it really be my 32nd?) and then I’m staying with Ellen for a night before heading over to Oakland late Monday. I’ll be seeing Amelia for dinner with E, then sleeping at the place formerly known as Charles’s.

Tuesday will be Locus folk and Locus work during the day, and a very, very welcome dinner with Bob and Karen that night. Wednesday Liza and I fly to Ohio together, and then there’s dinner with Alisa (yay!), Gary (yay yay!) and everyone else and the convention.

I will, of course, intend to stay in touch during this part of the trip and the follow on week or so, but I most likely won’t. I’ll try though.

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