I’m sort of edgy and irritable, so it’s good that everyone’s out of the house. Maybe I need something cathartic. Hmm. It’s less than 24hrs till take off and I’ve been unable to do the online check-in with Qantas. This sort of thing just erks the devil out of me, and is part of the reason I’m on edge. It’s a system that should work and usually does. When it doesn’t – when systems like that don’t – they really bother me.

I am, however, all packed. I could leave in 30 minutes if I had to (which I happily don’t). I’ll have an early lunch with Marianne then spend some time with the family, before hopefully getting an early night. In the interim I’m piecing together some WFC social plans and getting into the swing of that. It should be a great time, though this is the first time I’ll be at a WFC without either the Aussie contingent or Charles. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

Now, I could tell you all of the people I cannot wait to see, but I’d leave someone out and that would be bad. I can’t wait to see everyone, especially if we’ve already made plans.  It should be a lot of fun.

Hmmm. We need a new webcam and some other stuff. Back in a bit.

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  1. Bon voyage, Jonathan! Speaking as one of the usual Aussie contingent, I’m sad I can’t make it this year. But then again, I made the last three in a row, so I can’t complain too much. Have fun.


  2. Thanks! IT would be more fun with you there. Perhaps I shall have to order an extra pink drink, a missing airman if you will, each time we sit down to commemorate those who should be there.

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