Wide awake in America

I can’t tell you I was happy when I left you, dear reader. I was tired, in need to rest and recuperation, but faced with delays. In the end my flight from Los Angeles was delayed and I didn’t end up meetiing with the wonderful Ellen Klages till about 5.45pm (I was due at 1.15pm).

Still, once she picked me up at the airport everything looked up. We headed over to a brew pub for dinner with Eileen Gunn and John Berry, who were heading home to Seattle immediately after dinner. It as lovely seeing them, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with Eileen in Ohio. We then headed back to Ellen’s house where we sat and talked for another couple hours, and then I crashed.

Monday started slowly. I pottered around downstairs at Casa del Klages before we headed out to a lovely seafood restaurant for lunch. I need to get the name of it from E. The views were stunning, looking out over the Bay and Alcatraz, and the food superb (I had Steelhead Salmon cook in lemon butter -yum). We then pottered around Fisherman’s Wharf, before doing a little shopping then heading back to Ellen’s to meet up with Amelia.

Readers of this blog should have no problems remembering Amelia, who has been a dear friend for a long time (Jessica once, I recall, wanted to marry her). We chatted and caught up, walked over to very nice Peruvian restaurant for a relaxed dinner, then Amelia and I drove up to Charles’s house where I’m staying till we leave for Ohio.

We stayed up a bit longer, chatted and reminisced, and then she headed home and me to bed. I’ve been up for an hour and am going to go sit out on the back deck and think about Charles for a bit. Later today, the Locus people (!) and Bob & Karen (!). Tomorrow, Ohio.

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  1. Hey Bruce

    Thanks for the head’s up. I’m not going to count it at the moment, cos it’s only a partial of an incomplete work. It’s an interesting thing to publish, I think,


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