Episode 24: Live with Gary K. Wolfe, Alisa Krasnostein, Karen Burnham and Francesa Mayman

Live from the Locus/Twelfth Planet Press in the World Fantasy Convention 2010 dealer’s room, Gary and I chat with Alisa, Karen and Francesca about World Fantasy, women at conventions, and all sorts of other stuff. We ramble. The sound quality may be affected by the venue, along with random background announcements, but we hope you like it!

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  1. The simplest way to make it easy to find these podcast episodes would probably be to give them all a label that can be automatically found. Personally I would like a little page linked from the top of the blog with a list of links to each episodes! (I started to listen when you were at episode 9 or so, and listened to all of it in the order it was recorded.) Thanks for a nice and relaxed podcast!

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