It’s Sunday morning here in Perth. We awoke at 6.30am – traditionally, I know, a fine time to be rising on a Sunday – to discover the power was out (I almost refrain from typing again) and so were briefly forced to depend upon one another’s company.  Happily the power was up again after only a short time, so we could turn again to our electronic distractions.

Saturday was an annoying day. We’re going through assorted variations on rebelliousness and difficulties with young ladies of a certain age, so what could have been a simple, enjoyable day became much more stressful than it needed to be. Such, is a parenthood.

I podcasted with Gary early, before heading out for lunch at an old haunt of Marianne’s and mine, That Food Co in Bayswater.  The weather was warm and humid, making it less than ideal, and the cafe was warmer and stickier. We had a frankly ordinary meal, before heading out to the Margaret River Chocolate Co. This should have proven more successful than it did. After that we picked up some groceries and a movie for Family Movie Night.

I had intended to spend time reading, if I could. Instead I bounced around, not really reading anything. This seems to be the mode I’m in right now. I did spend a little time skyping with my sister in Melbourne, which was good. We then had dinner, watched a fairly awful Eddie Murphy comedy, and the day came to a close.

Today is Sophie’s school fair. It should be fun. I need to do some work before heading out around noon, but if the power stays on that should be fine.

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  1. Just a comment about what you said about bundling ebooks with print books.

    There are a couple of role playing game publishers, Evil Hat amongst them, who do this. I *love* this–having the physical book and an ebook version at the same time is wonderful for gaming purposes.

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