Still no Christmas tree

The first Sunday of every December, there or thereabouts, we put up the Christmas tree. It’s not quite a family tradition, but it’s a nice pre-Christmas thing to do. We get to set up the tree, decorate it with the girls, and really get the Christmas season going.  We’re not quite there, though, and it’s already the second Sunday in December. Why? Well, we’ve not been well, here at Merton Way.

As I’ve detailed here before, I continue to battle an ear/sinus infection which has rather laid me low. I’m now taking antibiotics in pills big enough to choke a horse.  Marianne too has been completely wiped out by a virus of some kind that’s caused all sorts of bronchial issues. Having slept most of Wednesday and Thursday, she then spent Friday and Saturday coughing so much she can’t sleep, so she’s tired, sick, utterly miserable, and unable to do much of anything. This has meant the cooking, the cleaning, and everything else has fallen to me, which is understandable but doesn’t make things easier.   And then there’s Jessica. She’s mostly been well, but having had no seizures in  almost a year she suddenly had one three weeks ago, then two (one in the evening and one in the morning) on Tuesday, the first time she’d had two seizures so closely together.  That is a much more serious concern, and we’re off to see her neurologist on Monday to discuss options to help her.

Along with that I received copyedits of The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Five, which are progressing well, and yesterday the monitor on my main work computer died. I had to temporarily swipe the one from the kids’ computer just to test the machine itself was ok.  I had hoped to get some work done yesterday on other editing, but with the need to drive children places and with the dead monitor, I ended up seeing a few friends in the afternoon while Marianne rested.

Today is Sunday here in Perth. I should record a podcast, edit, and dig around for the receipt on the monitor. Instead, the girls have a drama performance at 11.00am so I need to sort their costumes, get them through breakfast, dressed and ready, and over to the hall for 10.00am, then meet up with family for the show. Then home and maybe a hurried podcast recording, possibly doing the tree, and then getting dinner ready.