Boxing Day Super Mega Podcast

Here in Australia the day after Christmas is a special one, dedicated to winding down after a day of feasting and gift giving, laughter and merriment. Things slow down – unless you have a taste for the mega-discount sales – and people tend to relax with family.

This morning, Perth time, at least, a bunch of participants in Australian podcasting joined together to record a Boxing Day Super Mega Podcast. Participating were:

It was seven people talking, in a fairly organised manner about their highlights of 2010 and what they’re looking forward to in 2011. We all hope you enjoy it, and that you check out the individual podcasts that will be coming out in future weeks and months.

5 thoughts on “Boxing Day Super Mega Podcast”

  1. I don’t remember the film mentioned but it reminded me of Avita because Madonna is so good at playing a singer who can’t act.
    I thought that Australia and NZ would be the best market for ebooks because of the high shipping cost of books. I have only spent one dollar on ebooks since getting Kindle 3 but I do tend to like audio more and often the few book I buy are the dead tree versions of podiobooks.
    Also the paperback is often so close in price to the ebook that for people living in the USA there is often not a significant financial advantage to ebooks. Also I can’t decide if I want smashwords and no DRM or kindle and not use up storage space.
    I also found it if my son is reading a book on the kindle, I can read a different book on the same kindle like I can with dead tree books and is difficult for him to loan books to friends.
    I think Project Gutenberg sells ebook readers the way podcasts sell MP3 players.

  2. A Happy New Year to all of you. I’ve really enjoyed Galactic Suburbia, Bad Film Diaries and Coode Street this year and look forward to checking out The Writer and the Critic!

  3. I was thinking that you could promote each others casts by prerecording fillers of about 15 seconds duration that the producers of each show could use in segment breaks. I have seen this done on a couple of skeptic podcasts and usually they are humorous and well done.

    It might not work on Coode street (because its you and Gary talking), but certainly the other shows have sections to their casts which could be interspersed with “in kind” advertising :)

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