Yesterday we headed out and did a little post-Xmas shopping. I picked up a cheap copy of the dvd of Tomorrow When the War Began and the deluxe edition cd of Supertramp’s Breakfast in America, which I was happy enough to get. We then went to Toys ‘R’ Us so the girls could dispose of some holiday $$s, before heading to Sizzler for lunch. The girls were amazed there was a Sizzler inside the movie complex. After that we saw The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which I would a rate as adequate/pleasant enough viewing. We headed home, girls happy and relaxed having avoided most of the heat, before things went awry, with Sophie having the most terrible tantrum when she realised she didn’t like the doll she’d bought (something that will occupy them today).  I made it through to the evening, where Marianne and I enjoyed a couple eps. of season 2 of Fringe before bed.

Today the girls are going shopping and I have a load of stuff to do. There’s the Feb columns sitting around to edit for Locus, the short fiction recommended reading list still to complete as it was delayed again, the writing comp. entries to finish reading, the Locus year-in-review essay to write, and of course Eclipse Four to edit and deliver by Jan 15.

We also need to get ready for a New Year’s Eve party this week, which I’m looking forward to, and some other stuff.  Good thing this is my week off to relax, before heading back to the day job next Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “holiday…?”

  1. A copy of Engineering Infinity hit my doorstep yesterday evening (happy third day of Christmas to me!), and I have a question. While all the individual story copyrights read “2011”, the top of the copyright page is headed “first printed 2010 by Solaris.” Based on just glancing through the volume, I think which awards year the book falls into will matter. Do you have a definitive answer?

  2. I do. The publisher was unambiguous about it with me. It’s a January 2011 book. It may have shipped to stores in the last week of December, but it’s definitely supposed to be a January book.

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