Busy times, as always

Not much from me of late, except podcasts, for which some apologies. It’s been hot here, there’s been school holidays, and I’ve been working intermittently on new projects (on which some updates soon).

For the most part we’ve spent the last couple days either working or hiding from the heat, occasionally catching up on Oscar nominees like True Grit, The Kids Are All Right, The King’s Speech, and so on, most of which were terrific. We have five of the Best Picture nominees to see, and don’t really want to see several of those, but may anyway.

The kids are back to school this week which may increase overall productivity and balance, but not before we see Sufjan Stevens on Thursday and Amanda Palmer on Friday. There are also, believe it or not, holidays and house repairs to plan. Busy times, as always.

Episode 35: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

Amanda Palmer has been touring Down Under, her new album is out, and soon she’ll be playing here in sunny Perth. It also will be my 12th wedding anniversary this coming Monday, so we celebrate tonight.

Against a background of all of this happy news, Gary and I jumped into the pod to discuss slippage, why I hate the term ‘specfic’ and lots and lots of other stuff (including the happy news of our BSFA Award nomination and why Adam Roberts deserves chocolate, or at least a good stiff drink). We failed to keep it under an hour, but we tried. As always, we hope you enjoy it and that you’ll join us again next week!

Coode Street nominated!

To say that I’m both gobsmacked and delighted to report that The Coode Street Podcast has been nominated for the BSFA Award for Best Non-Fiction (full shortlist here) hardly begins to touch on my reaction.

Gary and I started recording the podcast very much on the spur of the moment, and have kept it very simple and straightforward which in turn helps to keep it fun. And it is fun. Getting nominated for an award for it is a little like being nominated for going on holidays, really.

I’ve not had the chance to talk to Gary about the nomination, but no doubt we will do so this weekend. Until then, my thanks (and I’m very sure Gary’s too) to the BSFA and my congratulations to our fellow nominees, Paul, Abigail, Adam and Francis.  I wish I could be at Eastercon to buy you all a drink to celebrate!