Well, I didn’t post for a couple days there, and I meant to so here’s a few notes on my week. Wednesday and Thursday were mostly stay-at-home days for me. I work early and immediately sat down and spent the morning writing my year-in-review essay for Locus. Once that was done I could spend time working on other stuff, reducing my “to do” list basically to finishing Eclipse 4. Also did some podcast planning.

New Year’s Eve was busy. Woke at 1.30am, and didn’t get back to sleep. We were up and out early buying all of the party stuff and getting ready. Run, run, run all morning, and then a frankly not fun time out at Mirrabooka staying out of the house for a bit before getting home for a pre-party nap. The NYE party was lots of fun with good friends, good chat, and more than one drink. Made it to bed at 2.30am.

New Year’s Day was sloooow. Didn’t wake till 10am, and then was, um, somewhat hung over.  Sophie had a friend over, and Jess visited her nan. I read the digital edition of Locus, and was generally unproductive. Watched more Fringe in the evening.

And then there’s today, the 2nd. I turn 47 today. I woke at 5.00am, got up and made myself a coffee. Jessica was already up playing with Barbies. I surfed the net, did some stuff, was delighted to see the Hugo noms are open, and Jess sort of clicked, realised the day and wished me Happy Birthday.  Today there’s a family lunch and we’re going to the movies in the early evening. No work today, I think. Maybe.